Sunday, January 4, 2009

George W. Bush Comments on The American Family Court System

Folks, Honestly, George W. Bush did a great job at the start of 9-11. But after that, it was all down hill. And on his way down the hill of poor policy decisions, he made a startling disclosure of other poor policy practices in America that reflect accurately the American Family Court System. "Our enemies are innovative and resourcefull, and so are we. They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." Location: The White house, Washington, D.C, Date: August 5th, 2004.

Perhaps if we eliminate Title IV-D, we'll come up with a creative and resourceful way to preserve the most important part of the United States, and that is, our family. Perhaps if we treat interference with child custody as it is... a criminal act of domestic violence, we'll stop some of the needless homocides and murder/suicides that plague the results of poor policy practices.

Perhaps if we stop criminalizing "child support" and start acting practicle, we'll make some inroads to STOP HARMING the NCP (non-custodial parent) relationship with a child and reduce tensions that lead to violence. Perhaps if we start enforcing child custody in a way equal to or even stronger than child support, we'll see a curtailing of family violence. Dollars aren't an emotional thing except to a greedy cash monger. Emotions are the key. Drainging someones finances is emotional, hijacking the relationship of one parent for another, without proper cause, that causes serious emotional distress. Handle the problem correctly and we STOP harming our country.

Think about it. If we hold women, as much as we hold men accountable, "equal protection" equally practiced, everyone would learn to play nice because no one would want to be the public poster child for being busted.

I know I may have misspoken myself here, afterall, the President was very clear "They never stop thinking of new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." but maybe, really, if we stop thinking of ways to harm our country and our people and practice that as domestic AND foreign policy, the other folks "thinking of new ways to harm our country and our people" will stop thinking that stuff.

But who am I to bitch. I'm a father who has suffered in excess of 50 child custody violations in 6 years and the judiciary has allowed it to continue, unabated. So long as the Judiciary doesn't hold predominantly female offenders accountable, we can hold the judiciary accountable for the emotional and mental distress of fathers and for the resultant violence that ensues. I'm thinking of ways to STOP harming our country and I know there are a great many Americans as well as legalized foreign nationals in America that agree. Knock off the bullshit policy practices that affect the family here and we'll get a helluva lot more respect over seas. That isn't rocket science, folks and that's not political science either. That's plain old common fucken sense and folks here in America as well as beyond would love to see that in practice.

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Do you believe that interference with custody is a willful action by the offending parent to inflict significant mental & emotional distress on the non-custodial parent?