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Fathers4Justice to visit with wrongfully imprisoned Bill Coleman

Washington, DC – October 01, 2009 –

Fathers-4-Justice™ U.S. (F4J) board member Donald Tenn is traveling to the MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution in Suffield, Connecticut to meet with wrongfully imprisoned Bill Coleman as part of the Fathers 4 Justice, "No Jail For Being A Dad" campaign.

Bill Coleman is on a hunger strike because, he says, "The justice system is broken and corrupt!" Coleman also stated, "I am protesting a broken judicial system that is incapable of providing justice as well as protesting the State of Connecticut assisting in the abuse of my children. Having explored every avenue, to save my children and prove my innocence, I now believe the system is not an option for the truth to come out; and I choose to fight to the maximum with my life."

Coleman's ex-wife told police in 2002 that he raped her and a jury convicted him in 2005 of sexual assault in a spousal relationship, unlawful restraint, breach of peace, second-degree threatening and sixth-degree larceny, without any physical evidence. Coleman, 49, was given a 15-year prison sentence, suspended after he serves eight years, on his wife's testimony alone. Coleman says she falsely accused him to gain the upper hand in their child custody case. She never had a medical exam which would have included a rape kit. He passed a lie detector test, but it wasn't admissible as evidence in Connecticut.

Coleman's defense attorney, Michael Gannon had his license to practice law suspended in June 2007, yet Coleman's request for a retrial has not been approved.

Coleman, a British citizen is incarcerated in Suffield's McDougall-Walker prison, where officials want to resume force-feeding. The American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut is assisting Coleman. Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU Human Rights Program wrote that "brutally force-feeding" Coleman violated his basic human rights and his right to make a political statement by refusing food.

A rally will be held in support of Bill Coleman on October 2, 2009 from 11 am to 6 pm at the prison.
MacDougall-Walker Correctional Institution
1153 East Street
SouthSuffield, Connecticut 06080

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dan said...

bill coleman in innocent yet the true criminal roams free. bill not only passed a lie detector test, which she was asked to take and refused, but also a phsyco sexual test by the top US doctor in this type of test, and also passed. why because he was not afraid to tell the truth and he does not lie. please visit his web site:

Should judicial discipline be taken out of the hands of the judiciary?

Should judges be held accountable for allowing lawyers to file false, perjured and frivilous pleadings with no penalty?

Should applications for Child Support be denied without a divorce decree or separation order of support? (Married/Divorced Parents Only)

Should a parent who makes false allegations of child sexual abuse for the purposes of child custody get only Supervised Visitation?

Perjury in family court should be aggressively prosecuted?

Perjured applications for child support should be denied and aggressively prosecuted?

It should be mandated that child support arrears should be prohibited if a parent has interfered with custody & visitation during dissolution or custody proceedings?

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Do you believe that interference with custody is a willful action by the offending parent to cause significant mental & emotional distress on the victim child(ren)?

Do you believe that interference with custody is a willful action by the offending parent to inflict significant mental & emotional distress on the non-custodial parent?