Monday, February 11, 2008

Judicial Accountability Project Web Cued Up

Well, you've heard me talk about it, now let's get it done. If you've read my press releases from last year, the plans for a judicial accountability website was mentioned. I had truly hoped to get feedback and participation from alot of folks, but as Jimmy Carter had put it in the years when he was president, it appears that the Country is in a malaise.

Truly, I was surprised by the lack of participation from the folks who have been victimized by the family courts but have none the less pushed to make what was stated a reality. Within the next week, the basic infrastructure of the Judicial Accountability Project web site will be online.

Hopefully my pressing forward will help the many folks in the observable malaise see progress is being made, efforts are being made and perhaps that will help motivate participation in reclaiming our government and judicial system.

Bookmark today and check back soon to see progress.
If you wish to participate, contribute ideas, tell us your story, please do. The Judicial Accountability Project web is almost there. I look foward to the many that can help make this a grass roots success.

Thanks to all who have helped and to those I know will help in the future. This is our government, we own it, let's make it happen.

-Bill Stoneking

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Should judicial discipline be taken out of the hands of the judiciary?

Should judges be held accountable for allowing lawyers to file false, perjured and frivilous pleadings with no penalty?

Should applications for Child Support be denied without a divorce decree or separation order of support? (Married/Divorced Parents Only)

Should a parent who makes false allegations of child sexual abuse for the purposes of child custody get only Supervised Visitation?

Perjury in family court should be aggressively prosecuted?

Perjured applications for child support should be denied and aggressively prosecuted?

It should be mandated that child support arrears should be prohibited if a parent has interfered with custody & visitation during dissolution or custody proceedings?

I believe that child support arrearages given to a parent who has interfered with custody only encourages future denials of custody & visitation?

Do you believe that Judges and Prosecutors who refuse to enforce child custody are responsible for the escalation of domestic violence by non-custodial parents?

Do you believe that interference with custody is a willful action by the offending parent to cause significant mental & emotional distress on the victim child(ren)?

Do you believe that interference with custody is a willful action by the offending parent to inflict significant mental & emotional distress on the non-custodial parent?